3rd of November, 2019

Beautiful autumn day, 10°C outside.

Today we organized our first official tour in the history of Panzer Travel, namely "Operation Bucharest 1944". The tour was attended by 9 people guided by military historian Manuel Stănescu and together we visited the University Square, Victoriei Avenue, Cișmigiu Park, explaining in words and with images, the difficult moments that occurred in the Romanian capital city in 1944 when it was bombarded by the Allies and the Germans alike.

20th of June, 2020

Hot summer day, 33°C outside, and the SARS-CoV2 pandemic seems to be retreating...

Today we organized the second edition of our "Operation Bucharest 1944" tour with only 5 participants due to pandemic restrictions. This time the guide was aviation historian Alexandru Armă and special guests, 4 members of the historical reenactment Association "Ferdinand I" who came equipped with Romanian military uniforms from the 1940s.