About Us

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We are a travel agency from Romania that organizes battlefield tours mostly based on the Second World War in Europe, but also about other historical periods and conflicts that shaped the world that we know today. We travel in small groups and our tours will be informal and inclusive.

Panzer Travel team:

Gabriel Ioana - the founder of Panzer Travel in 2019, a professional tour guide and traveler all around Europe and beyond with more than 50 countries visited. Gabriel is a WW2 buff and he has a big passion for history and modernist architecture.


Manuel Stănescu - the military historian who reinforced our ranks almost from the start. He has a Ph.D. in history, and he also works at the ”Institute for Political Studies of Defense and Military History” in Bucharest (Romania) as a deputy director. Manuel is also a writer and he published a few books about WW2 like ”Bismarck - triumph and tragedy” and ”Odessa - the bitter taste of victory”, both in the Romanian language.


We invite you to discover our historical & WW2 battlefield tours in a neutral yet interactive way with our local specialists that will make you feel like an insider, not a tourist! To better understand the historical events and facts, we suggest traveling where they already happened: to the battlefields!

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