Interrogatory FAQ Panzer
Why do you call yourself Panzer Travel and what is your purpose?

The name "panzer" means ”tank” in German and is perhaps the most recognizable element of a military technique from World War II, with panzers being used by the Germans and their allies in all theaters of war, from Normandy to Stalingrad and from Berlin to the African desert. Our goal is to organize tours with WW2 historical-military and cultural themes, both in Romania, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Where did you come up with the idea of opening this WW2-themed travel agency?

The inspiration came up after visiting various museums, memorials, and monuments in Normandy, Berlin, Auschwitz, Moscow, St. Petersburg (Leningrad), but also other places where dramatic events that occurred changed the fate of mankind during and after the Second World War. You can find these tours in the "Theater of War" section on our website.

Do you organize any other tours besides those with historical and military themes from the Second World War?

Of course, we also organize tours that focus on other historical periods, or on a certain geographical area where local culture and traditions are well maintained. These tours can be found in the "Extra Expeditions" section of our website.

What are the names of cities located from place to place on the map?

The map is the core of this website, there you will find our main tours that are exclusively related to the interwar period and the Second World War. The other tours are in the "Extra expeditions" section. Although at first glance the map seems confusing and overwhelming, for someone who has minimal knowledge of geography it is easy to navigate and quickly jump on the tour. The map represents the geopolitical architecture before the 22nd of June, 1941, the day Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

How do I book or pay for the tour?

The registration is simple, after carefully studying the schedule of the desired tour, press the "Book the tour" button and fill in the reservation with your personal data. Another faster option to register for the tour is the "Enrolment" section. For online payment, at the moment there is only the option of bank transfer, directly in the euro account of the Panzer Travel agency. For all participants in the tour, a contract will be made and an invoice and receipt will be issued (if the payment will be in cash).